SITplus: Developing and optimising production of a male-only, temperature-sensitive-lethal, strain of Qfly, B. tryoni

The aim of this project is to develop a temperature-sensitive-lethal (tsl) male-selecting strain of Queensland fruit fly (QFly), Bactrocera tryoni, through traditional breeding. Associated with developing the strain is optimising adult and larval diets for mass production of the strain, assessing semiochemical and probiotic diets for optimisation of post irradiation fitness and mating and further developing current fitness assessment techniques. Additionally, developing equipment and methodology for a liquid diet for larval production will greatly improve the long term commercial viability of the Port Augusta SIT facility. This project is part of the SITplus initiative and will be the cornerstone of the South Australia SIT facility project.


Delivered by South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) / Project code: MT13059


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