The Adaptive Area-Wide Management (AWM) of Queensland fruit fly (Qfly) using Sterile Insect Technique (SIT)

Area wide management (AWM) is a proven management approach for mobile pests around the world, employing a united strategy to target all pest habitats within a well-defined area or region to reduce the total pest population. It is often required prior to the implementation of the Sterile Insect Technique (SIT), to help an area reach appropriate pest numbers for SIT to be effective.

As part of the Hort Frontiers Fruit Fly Fund, Hort Innovation teamed up with CSIRO and the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources to produce an online tool to help anyone undertake an AWM program. The guidelines help people understand AWM, how to get started implementing it for Qfly, and the opportunities to implement SIT once AWM has been successfully implemented.

To work properly, AWM requires input from the whole community. Because of this, the website offers three different sets of steps in implementing AWM, depending on whether the user is a coordinator, a commercial grower or a backyard gardener. Each section has video content outlining the steps. There is a range of useful materials and information, including all the science and research that formed the foundation of the guidelines, plus downloadable posters and fact sheets.

Visit the guidelines website here or for more information contact Dr Hazel Parry on +61 7 3833 5681 or