Expanding the living architecture industry in Australia

Living architectureGlobal cities such as Toronto, Canada and Singapore have mandated green roofs and walls in their planning legislation to increase the amount of green infrastructure and thereby make their cities more livable in an era of increasing temperatures and rapidly growing urbanisation.  In contrast, Australia has no national policy on green roofs and green walls. While cities such as Melbourne and Sydney have policies to encourage green roofs and walls, they do not mandate their adoption.

This research by the Hort Frontiers Green Cities Fund, part of the Hort Frontiers strategic partnership initiative developed by Hort Innovation, aims to explore whether a mandatory approach to green roofs and walls is feasible and appropriate for Australia. The researchers will investigate the type of frameworks that would be most effective in Australia and review a number of existing policy frameworks overseas to model the various approaches which could be adopted in Australia. For each policy framework the various advantages and disadvantages will be identified. This project therefore has a focus on identifying the level of policy development that is required to deliver mandatory targets for green roofs and walls over time.

The project will also use case studies from Canada, Singapore, the United Kingdom and Australia to illustrate new build and retrofit case study examples of green walls. The case studies will include the lifecycle costs (including on-going and maintenance costs) associated with green walls and roofs.

The project duration is 12 months.

Research team – UTS

Co-funders – UTS, Aspect Studios, Fytogreen, Elmich Australia, Junglefy