The Health, Nutrition & Food Safety Fund focusses on research to support consumer confidence.

Food safety and nutrition is a priority for consumers and growers. The Health, Nutrition & Food Safety Fund supports consumer confidence through the adoption of high quality, safe and nutritious produce and value-added food derived from fruit, vegetables and nuts, and the development of novel products, technologies and processes. It focuses on four priority areas: the value chain, consumer behaviour, innovation and adoption.

Please be aware that all submitted concepts must fit within the parameters of the Strategic Intent Document


Some of our current projects include:

  • Supercharged Air Technology

    Contamination of fruits, vegetables and nuts can be a significant challenge for the horticulture industry, negatively affecting the ‘clean, green and safe’ reputation, both in the domestic and export markets.

  • Naturally Nutritious

    An incredible project led by the University of Queensland that looks at developing ways to make produce more appealing to consumers by being even healthier. Currently includes strawberries, macadamia and corn.


Some of our videos