The co-contribution must be provided as cash. Hort Innovation cannot leverage in-kind funding commitments. As the co-contribution models is transactional, Hort Innovation will invoice the project lead for the agreed amount of co-funding in each milestone. Once this invoice is paid and the milestone report is approved by the relevant R&;D Manager, the full milestone payment will be processed (contributed funds + Hort Innovation leveraged funds). The project lead will receive this amount usually within two weeks of the milestone being approved.

Hort Frontiers is open to co- investment from anyone interested in partnering, including organisations from along the value chain, non-horticulture commercial organisations, universities, public and private research institutes, and state government agencies.

Yes. However please note we cannot leverage againt Federal Government funding.

No. As both Hort Innovation and the Australian Research Council use Federal Government funding, grants cannot be leveraged under our Frontier funds.

Our preference is to enter into a research agreement with a lead partner. However, we can negotiate contracts on a case by case basis.

Co-investment ratios for Hort Frontiers are set by the Hort Innovation board. However, the initiative has been designed as a flexible model, and ratios can sometimes be tailored on a case by case basis. It’s best to talk to the Business Development Manager responsible for the fund you’re interested in. You’ll find who that is, and how to contact them, on the individual fund pages (look in the fund menu).

No. The new Hort Frontiers co-investment model has replaced our former Voluntary Contribution (VC) model.

Hort Frontiers Funds and projects are diverse so the time taken from concept to contracting can vary depending on the complexity of the project and the partners involved.

Yes. Growers sit on the Expert Advisory Panels for all funds. We also greatly encourage growers and industry members to submit concepts for Hort Frontiers. Concepts for Hort Frontiers projects are also shared with the Strategic Industry Advisory Panel relevant to the research topic.

Yes, but only on the advice of the relevant Strategic  Industry Advisory Panel.