The Asian Markets Fund aims to strengthen trade opportunities in the arc between Jordan and Japan.

Australian exports of fresh horticulture to Asia are currently worth $1.58 billion dollars, and increased their share of total horticultural exports from 68 per cent to 77 per cent in 2017. With this trend set to continue, it’s critical for Australian Horticulture to be better positioned to capitalise on Asia’s expanding export potential. The Asian Markets Fund is helping this happen.

Primarily, the fund aims to boost the industry’s capacity through detailed consumer insight research, finding unidentified trade opportunities, building strong relationships and increasing market access in key Asian markets. Trade data and insights anchor our market positioning and drive efficiencies along the value chain.

The Asian Markets Fund offers dedicated trade expertise through Hort Innovation’s Trade Unit. They represent the horticulture sector on trade matters and deliver market access and export outcomes for growers. Drawing on a wealth of data and analytics resources, the team is focused on strategy, policy, and government liaison; market access and market improvement; disinfestations R&D, and global market development.

We invite you to be a part of the global future of Australian horticulture. Talk to our trade specialists today, or submit a concept for a Hort Frontiers Asian Markets Fund.

Please be aware that submitted concepts must fit within the parameters as laid out in the Strategic Intent Document.


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