With a current GDP of $9.3 billion, Australia’s horticulture industry is a vital foundation of the national economy. That’s why the Australian Government invests millions in the industry annually, using the Research & Development Corporation network it created over twenty-five years ago.

As Australian horticulture’s Research & Development Corporation (RDC), it is the task of Hort Innovation to invest funds on behalf of the Australian Government, levy payers, researchers, and the supply chain; identifying, brokering and managing R&D and marketing projects. It has developed the Hort Frontiers strategic partnership initiative to expand its funding model to better equip Australian horticulture for the future ahead. It does this by facilitating collaborative cross-industry investments focused on longer-term, complex and traditionally underinvested themes identified as critical for Australian horticulture in 2025.

Hort Frontiers strategic partnerships can invest funds from both the broader research and supply chain, and levy funds alongside the commonwealth dollar. The diversity of investors may include organisations from along the value chain, non-horticulture commercial organisations, universities, public and private research institutes, and state government agencies. Horticulture levy funds may be invested in Hort Frontiers should the appropriate advice be received. Whilst the individual goals of co-investment partners may differ, investment outcomes need to benefit all-of-horticulture to be considered.

Currently, there are seven strategic investment funds and themes:

  • Advanced Production Systems Fund (Stimulating productivity)
  • Asian Markets Fund (Driving growth)
  • Fruit Fly Fund (Managing risk)
  • Green Cities Fund (Ensuring sustainability)
  • Health, Nutrition & Food Safety Fund (Driving growth)
  • Leadership Fund (Building capacity)
  • Pollination Fund (Ensuring sustainability)

Partnering with Hort Innovation provides access to world class research, and the peace of mind of project management by a specialised team who have managed large scale research and development. If you’ve got an idea or concept, get in touch with a Hort Frontiers representative today and learn more about becoming a part of a ground-breaking network that has the future firmly in focus.